Virtual Running Events

Looking for the next virtual running event to join? Look no further!

What is a "Virtual Running Event"?

A "virtual running event" is a running event which can be done no matter where the runner is located and at a time when the runner wants to run. These events rely on fitness trackers to record a runner's progress which is then either automatically submitted—through a third-party app like Strava or the organiser's own app—or manually sent by the athlete via an online form.

There are some virtual races where there is a joining fee which usually include a finisher's medal and shirt. However, most virtual races are free and if it is integrated with a third-party app like Strava or through their own app/website, a digital badge is also earned.

The bottomline is: a virtual running event starts on the athlete's local timezone from 00:00 to 23:59. If a virtual race is scheduled on the 23rd of the month, for a run to be valid the athlete must run from on the 23rd between 00:00 and 23:59 local time. If a race spans multiple days, the same applies: start between the first day from 00:00 local time to the last day by 23:59 local time.

These are the virtual running events happening in the next few days to months down the road.

MA RA TH ON: Worldwide Team Relay

  • When: 2020‒06‒06 – 2020‒06‒07
  • Type: #race #relay #team
  • Distance: 10.5 km each of a team of 4
  • Tracker: Strava
  • Submission: Strava
  • Price: Free
  • Register | FAQ

iRunFar: To The Moon Virtual Relay

  • When: 2020‒06‒29 – 2020‒07‒05
  • Type: #cooperative #relay
  • Distance: as far as you can
  • Tracker: any
  • Submission: submission form (honour system)
  • Price: Free
  • Register | FAQ

26virtual/21virtual/10virtual Races

  • When: Various single day races (25 total as of 2020-06-05)
  • Type: #race
  • Distance: 26.2 miles; 21.1 km; 10 km
  • Tracker: any
  • Submission: integrated with trackers (via the website or app)
  • Price: Free
  • Register | FAQ

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