What is Clean Real Food?

This website or weblog was originally named Clean Real Food but we have yet to define what it means. Though the scope of our blog has expanded to Health Welfareness, food is still vital and an important subject.

Today, we are going to discuss about Clean Real Food. Was it simply a combination of real food and clean food? What is real food anyway? Did you know there are two definitions of clean food?

What is Real Food?

Real food is simply food. A food is an object that can be eaten and is part of the natural diet of an animal or a human being. Anything that can be eaten is [real] food. If something should not be eaten, for example, human beings should not eat exotic animals, it is not food.

We ended up using the label real food because our society molded us to eat not food and branded it as food. To differentiate from not food and what is actually a food, the term real food came into usage. Real food is food that is part of our natural diet. This basically throws out all non-natural and non-organic food as well as any food with artificial preservatives, ripening agents, synthetic -cides, colouring, and all processed foods out the window.

If it is natural and organic and is part of our natural diet then we call it today as real food.

What is Clean Food?

There are two definitions of a clean food. One definition is, to put it simply, "real food but with more restrictions". For example, a person following this definition of clean food have a set number of meals per day while a person observing real food eating can eat as much or less as they want.

The other definition is "any food sourced from and prepared based on the Torah" (Torah means instruction) specifically from the books of Vayiqra (Leviticus) and Debarim (Deuteronomy). It is commonly called כשר (kashér/kosher) which means "fit" and when applied to food it means "fit for eating".

What is Clean Real Food then?

Based on what we've learned above we can say that Clean Real Food is Kashér food. These are foods sourced from and prepared according to the instructions found in Vayiqra (Leviticus) and Debarim (Deuteronomy); and are natural, organic, and free from anything artificial, synthetic -cides, ripening agents, and any processed ingredients.

While some considers pork grown naturally and only ate organic food itself to be qualified as real food, in Clean Real Food it is not kasher food as per the Torah. This can be seen in many real food websites where non-kosher food are fine. There is nothing wrong with it if one is not observing a kasher diet.

Here in Health Welfareness, we are using kasher/kosher and Clean Real Food interchangeably. However, we want to make it clear that we are not preaching the Judaism religion, we ourselves are not members of Judaism just like the thousands of families who are living by kosher diet yet are not members of Judaism nor are Jews. This is about food and eating healthy and we believe kosher food is the ultimate food and diet "program".

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