The Star Wars™ Virtual Run SEA 2020 Is Here!

2020. New year, new resolutions. Most people today wants to get healthy and fit, one popular way to achieve fitness is by exercising, in particular, jogging or running. This year, and for the very first time, Disney will be hosting its very first Star Wars Virtual Run in the ASEAN or South-East Asian region. Can you guess when it will be?

May the 4th.

The first Star Wars Virtual Run SEA is a partnership between Disney and LIV3LY, a social fitness and marketplace company for mass participation events and members in Southeast Asia. Before we continue with this new event, let's answer some questions first.

What is a "Virtual Run"?

If you are new to running (or jogging) events, "virtual run" probably is a little bit confusing. Is it a run done digitally, after all it is "virtual"? Is it even a race? No and yes. No, it is not a run done virtually or digitally. Yes, it is a race.

A virtual run is simply a running race that can be done anywhere and anytime with mandatory tracking. After each race, the runner then submits the data to the organiser for approval and record until the runner completes the target s/he signed up for.

This is what the Star Wars Virtual Run SEA is about but with a twist.

What makes the Star Wars Virtual Run SEA different?

The first thing runners have to do to join the Star Wars Virtual Run SEA 2020 is to choose a side: Light Side or Dark Side. True to the concept of Star Wars™, there are two sides in this virtual race. If you want to be a Jedi, pick the Light side, if you want to be a Sith, there is the Dark side of the force.

In addition to the two sides, this virtual run is a celebration of the 40th year of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back which was released in 1980, still regarded by many as the greatest film ever made.

Race Details

  • Category: 5.4 km (accumulative)
  • Type: Individual
  • Fees (inclusive of postage): SG$25
  • Entitlements: 3D Engraved Finisher Trophy -- Silver Resistance or Silver First Order
  • Category: 40 km (accumulative)
  • Type: Individual or Group of Two
  • Fees (inclusive of postage: SG$40)
  • Entitlements: 3D Engravved Finisher Trophy -- Silver Resistance or Silver First Order; plus a Gold Darth Vader Trophy
  • Notes:

    Participants in this category will have to complete a total of 40KM on their own or with a buddy between May 4th to May 31st to earn their 40KM finisher trophy and limited edition 40th Anniversary Gold Darth Vader trophy (one set per registration with the option to purchase another set). The buddy will be able to purchase an additional set at $29.90.

    Participants in the 40KM category have the option of completing their run by combining their accumulated distance with a buddy's. A buddy code is found on the confirmation email to the participant and can be used by your buddy for their registration.

    The STAR WARS Virtual Run 40KM category entitles the runner(s) to only 1 set of trophies - 40KM Finisher Trophy and 40th Anniversary Trophy. An additional set can be purchased at $29.90 during registration.

  • When: Anytime between May 4, 2020 and May 31, 2020
  • Where: Anywhere you want to run (treadmill* allowed)
  • Tracker: Official MOVE app by LIV3LY (Google Play | Apple Store)
  • Eligibility: Anyone 18 years old and above in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam; 21 years old and above in Indonesia

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