Hello World

If you want to change your lifestyle, it will require tremendous discipline from you as well as a total turn-around of your thinking or mindset. These two comes hand-in-hand, and this is where most people today fails miserably, myself included. It is 2013 already, as of this post we are 9 days in to this new year.

Many of us wrote our New Year's Resolutions, many probably stopped already because they can't do any or most of it. While some like me, does not bother writing any. Why? Why should I write NYRs when there is no inspiration whatsoever? If there are no reasons for me to do so? When I do not know what to write in it!

This year 2013, that changed. In fact, it all started last quarter of 2012. I found my reasons to write my NYRs. I found my inspiration to pursue the items in my NYR. I know it is hard to do, to be consistent, and to not forget it. However, that is the challenge with these New Year's Resolutions.

So this year, I am going to do my 2013 NYR for the whole year. I am going to write about my journey, the ups and downs, and give tips on how I was able to follow through my NYR. For example, I am going to start eating real food.

It is going to be expensive but I believe there are ways to get around the dilemma that "healthy food are expensive and junk food are cheap". That I will also share because I know there are many of you who wants to live healthy - naturally - without blowing up bank safes.

I am also looking forward into my charity involvement New Year's Resolution. Since I was a kid, it is in my heart and mind to help people. Not just the "deserving" people as society dictates but all who wants help. (Who are we to say who deserves help and who does not?) My problem with going through this dream has always been - money. Everything revolved around money when helping people, so I ended up doing virtually nothing for them. I do not know how I will be able to do this but I know that I can because this is also what's in the heart of our Creator.

Then there is also the hardest of all - total change in my personal financial management. I admit I already attempted this a few years ago, and then last year as well, unfortunately I was not consistent and it wasn't in my heart to be, it was all just in my mind. This round, it is different. I started this too last quarter of 2012 and so far so good.

These three are just the select few that I have thought of changing and doing this year. These three are also the ones I have decided to keep a journal and share it online. I am just like you and you and you and you over there. I want this, I want that but I end up doing something else or nothing at all. Familiar?

I am going to find ways to do these three major resolutions of my mine. It won't be easy, yes, but that is not a valid reason why I shouldn't give this another round, and so should you. Why give up, right? Why accept defeat when it is only ourselves that can help us? If not now, then when? When we start to get sick? When we start to go further down the poverty levels? When we can no longer do anything?

I'm turning 31 in a few weeks. They say that a person's first 30 years of life was for his preparation to adulthood and living. Well, my preparation period is ending and it is now time to put all that I have learnt to action. What's learning if we are not going to use it?

Hello adulthood. Hello world.

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